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Affordable Back-to-School Physicals: $10 Physicals for Uninsured and Free Physicals for Medicaid Recipients at HHM Health

As the new school year approaches, ensuring that children are in good health and ready for the academic journey is of paramount importance. At HHM Health, we are committed to supporting our community by offering affordable back-to-school physicals for children. We are pleased to announce that we provide $10 physicals for uninsured individuals and offer free physicals for Medicaid recipients. Additionally, to further assist families in preparing for school, we are offering a complimentary clear backpack with supplies to children who visit us for their physicals. Read on to learn more about this initiative and how it can benefit your child’s well-being.

Affordable Physicals for All:

$10 Physicals for Uninsured Individuals:

We understand that access to affordable healthcare is a significant concern for many families. To address this, HHM Health is offering $10 physicals for uninsured children. By providing this affordable option, we aim to eliminate financial barriers and ensure that all children have the opportunity to receive comprehensive health assessments before the school year begins.

Free Physicals for Medicaid Recipients:

At HHM Health, we believe that quality healthcare should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances. As part of our commitment to the community, we are offering free physicals for Medicaid recipients. This initiative aims to remove any financial burden for families who rely on Medicaid for their healthcare coverage, ensuring that their children receive the necessary medical evaluations for school participation.

Complimentary Clear Backpacks and Supplies:

Supporting School Preparedness:

We understand the importance of equipping children with the necessary tools for success in school. To assist families in their back-to-school preparations, we are offering a complimentary clear backpack filled with supplies to children who visit us for their physicals. This initiative not only promotes health and well-being but also contributes to ensuring that children are adequately prepared for their educational journey.

Encouraging Safety and Security:

Clear backpacks enhance safety and security measures in schools by allowing administrators and staff to quickly identify the contents of a child’s bag. By providing children with clear backpacks, we contribute to creating a secure learning environment while ensuring their compliance with school policies.

Schedule Your Child’s Physical Today:

Don’t miss the opportunity to ensure your child’s well-being and school readiness. Schedule a $10 physical for uninsured children or take advantage of our free physicals for Medicaid recipients at HHM Health. By choosing our services, you not only receive affordable and comprehensive healthcare but also support a community-driven healthcare provider dedicated to the health and success of our children.

At HHM Health, we are proud to offer affordable back-to-school physicals that prioritize the health and well-being of children in our community. Through our $10 physicals for uninsured individuals and free physicals for Medicaid recipients, we aim to eliminate financial barriers and provide access to comprehensive healthcare assessments. Additionally, by offering complimentary clear backpacks with supplies, we support school preparedness and promote safety and security in educational settings. Schedule your child’s physical today at HHM Health and join us in ensuring their health and success for the upcoming school year.

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