Due to the increased prevalence of flu, COVID-19, and various respiratory infections, all patients and visitors experiencing respiratory symptoms wear a face mask, ensuring coverage of both the nose and mouth. If you do not have a face mask, we can provide you with one.

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Join Our Team of
Patient-Focused Care Givers

We are searching for unique individuals to join HHM Health.

At HHM Health, we are not just seeking employees; we are seeking individuals with a servant-heart and strong belief in the power of healthcare to transform lives. Each member of our team, whether in a clinical or non-clinical role, contributes significantly to the well-being of patients, families, and the community. With endless potential for both personal and professional growth, we invite you to join our mission to serve a bigger purpose.

Why join HHM Health?

At HHM Health, we are proud to have a diverse group of CARES-givers with a common goal – becoming the best patient-focused health center providing personalized physical, mental, and spiritual care for every individual.  We are dedicated to ensuring the success and well-being of our CARES-givers by building upon our foundation of excellence, promoting an inclusive work environment, developing our talent, and comprehensive total rewards program. 

HHM Health




HHM Health shows compassion to all of our patients and our staff each and every day.



HHM Health advocates for our patients and goes above and beyond to make sure their needs are met through our providers, care navigators, interpreters and impeccable customer service.



HHM Health treats everyone with dignity and respect and welcomes all regardless of race, sex, or religious preference.



HHM Health strives to be a center of excellence.


Servant Heart

HHM Health employees truly care and have a servant heart for our mission of providing compassionate, culturally sensitive quality healthcare to each patient that walks in our doors.

HHM Health is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all individuals regardless of their race, color, religion, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, veteran status, marital status or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.  HHM Health hires and promotes based solely on the qualifications of the individual and the essential functions of the job being filled.

Workforce Development Partnerships

In an effort to develop a highly trained workforce that meets the demand for talent in healthcare, HHM Health has established partnerships with a variety of schools and organizations to host medical assistants, nurse practitioners, fellows and residents seeking clinical rotations in community health. Through these partnerships, we create a talent pipeline for HHM Health, as well as other healthcare organizations.

Family Medicine Residents, Physician Assistant Preceptorships

Nure Practitioner Preceptorships

Medical Assistant Externs

Medical Assistant Externs

Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW)

  • To facilitate this journey, our program in partnership with Cannenta Center is committed to removing financial barriers by offering LMSWs no-cost supervision and financial support for state testing. This ensures that aspiring clinical social workers can acquire the requisite skills and knowledge without the added burden of financial constraints. Furthermore, we provide LMSWs with valuable opportunities to work with a diverse population, spanning various demographics such as age, race, and sexual orientation. This exposure allows professionals to hone their skills in understanding and addressing the unique needs of different communities. In addition to this, our program goes beyond the basics by offering LMSWs supplemental professional training. This includes specialized sessions in play therapy supervision and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), enriching their clinical skill set and preparing them for the multifaceted challenges of clinical social work. Through these comprehensive provisions, we aim to empower LMSWs for successful and impactful contributions to the field of social work.

Master Social Worker (MSW)

  • In partnership with Cannenta Center, we provide ongoing, no-cost tutoring and financial assistance for state exam fees until the MSW successfully passes the Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) exam. Through this commitment, Cannenta Center aims to bridge gaps and ensure that every MSW, especially those from minority backgrounds, can navigate the initial licensing process successfully. This support extends beyond academic assistance, acknowledging the importance of financial accessibility.

Social Work Interns

  • Cannenta Center is committed to offering comprehensive field supervision for university social work interns seeking valuable experience with underserved populations. Our program places a strong emphasis on utilizing culturally modified modalities and bilingual skills to ensure interns are well-equipped to address the diverse needs of the communities they serve. In addition to this, our commitment extends beyond the internship period. Social work interns at Cannenta Center will have the opportunity to apply for any open positions at Cannenta Center and/or HHM Health upon graduation. This transition pathway encourages the seamless integration of talented professionals into the workforce, fostering a continuity of care for the communities we serve.
  • Furthermore, we recognize and value the dedication of our interns to community service. As part of our program, interns will earn hours towards the President’s Volunteer Service Award, acknowledging and celebrating their commitment to making a positive impact on society. This dual opportunity not only prepares interns for successful professional careers but also instills a sense of social responsibility and community engagement that aligns with the core values of Cannenta Center and HHM Health.

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Established by Community Oral Health Outreach & Rehabilitation Training (COHORT), HHM Health welcomes students of the Texas A&M School of Dentistry to apply for the general practice residency (GPR) program at HHM Health. The program’s objective is to educate dentists in various specialties, including general, pediatric, geriatric, and special care dentistry. It seeks to enhance residents’ proficiency in public health dentistry by instructing them on addressing the diverse needs of populations and guiding interprofessional care teams. The program accommodates an annual cohort of six to eight residents and anticipates initiating patient care in either July 2024 or 2025. For more information, contact Dr. Pena at or Dr. Dan Burch at